Download Album Sungha Jung – The Duets [FLAC]

Sungha Jung - The Duets [FLAC]

Sungha Jung – The Duets [FLAC]

About Sungha Jung – The Duets

And in this article I share or share the album Sungha Jung in the release there in 2012, namely “The Duets”. This album contains 9 songs which is a duet Sungha Jung with Akihiro Tanaka, Shun Komatsubara, Sumase & Rynten Okazaki. The unity of the melody and the beauty of melody into something that makes the songs on this album so perfect. You can download it for free or in other words “Free”. Here are the 9 songs on “The Duets” by Sungha Jung & Friends

Format : FLAC

Tracklist Album Sungha Jung – The Duets

1. Change the World (Eric Clapton), with Akihiro Tanaka
2. Wayfaring Stranger (Folk Song), with Shun Komatsubara
3. Obladi Oblada (The Beatles), with Masa Sumide
4. Perfect Blue (Sungha Jung), with Rynten Okazaki
5. La Belle Dame Sans Regrets (Sting), with Aki Miyoshi
6. Hazy Sunshine (Sungha Jung), with Akihiro Tanaka
7. Shape of My Heart (Sting), with Shun Komatsubara
8. Kokomo (Beach Boys), with Masa Sumide
9. Irony (Sungha Jung), with Rynten Okazaki


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