Bug Head Emperor Player – Audiophile Player From Japan

Bughead Audio Player

Bughead Audio Player

The latest high-quality sound technology took 10 years

I started making music playing software since 2003. At that time was limited itself is not familiar Internet radio yet, able to do that. In net cafes in Japan are only browsing, it is about the customer is satisfied with it. I have created the concept easy for anyone, the software that allows you to experience the entertainment somehow to buy a 128MB USB memory of the time, that Internet radio on the internet cafe using a USB memory. After one month is also on the cover of “Net Runner” was a very popular magazine in Japan, It became an explosive hit to the public. Number of users had more than 100 000 people at least.

I made ​​it a hobby software development in the first place is a mental illness that my own holding though. What was happening now, I know perfectly. Of vitamin C deficiency is happening in the brain substance, insomnia, migraine, hallucinations occur at the same time. There is no way to cure this yet. Prevention method, however. Twice a week, only drink 1000mg Stir in water, powder, ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Although this method is very high absorption rate into the brain, it did not examine the scientific evidence also looking for any literature. This alone, such as mental illness and home environment that caused the stress, You can improve everything. When they wake up at least once, such as work, I can not be responsible for any though. I was shifted to software development so my ability.

From the sound engine, I tried to make all the summer of 2009, try to create a new Internet radio software. Its development, it creates a new one first learn, and then deny. Speaking from the results, since the invention of sound processing technology for the next generation. However, I am not able to show scientific basis.


Review : The difference is not just a placebo. Microdetail and its separation is very pronounced increase (Here is not so bright, the same Treble Microdetail it differently)
Sincere most noticeably in his song in my opinion.
But .. This software is particularly in need of strength specification PC. Play a song for song requires about 27 seconds. and use the RAM up to 2-4 GB. Her GUI also looks ancient, but the Sound Quality wise.
should use ASIO Driver, first opened directly in mandatory select Asio Driver by the program.

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