Download Album Gita Gutawa – Harmoni Cinta [FLAC]

Gita Gutawa - Harmoni Cinta [FLAC]

Gita Gutawa – Harmoni Cinta [FLAC]

About Gita Gutawa – Harmoni Cinta

Harmoni Cinta is the second studio album of pop music of the Gita Velasquez, singer Indonesia at the time, which was released in 2009. The main song on the album is Parasites and I Love Him. This parasite Gita songs created by the inspiration from the experiences of his friends, during the exam. Here Gita recycling sing two songs, I Love Him who first popularized in 1985 by Christophe and When You Wish Upon A Star, one of the popular works of composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber from the United States. Gita also sang Lullaby dedicated to his little sister, Aria Aura Velasquez who had just been born when the album is released. Harmoni Cinta songs accompanied by the orchestra of The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, and recorded in Prague, Czech Republic.

Format : FLAC

Tracklist Album Gita Gutawa – Harmoni Cinta

  1. Parasit (Cipt. Erwin Gutawa / Gita Gutawa)
  2. Harmoni Cinta (Cipt. Melly Goeslaw)
  3. Selamat Datang Cinta (Cipt. Glenn Fredly)
  4. Mau Tapi Malu (ft. Duo Maia) (Cipt. Maia Estianty)
  5. Meraih Mimpi
  6. When You Wish Upon a Star (Cipt. Andrew Lloyd-Webber)
  7. Salah Jatuh Cinta (Cipt. Dewiq)
  8. Remember (Cipt. Dick Lee)
  9. Ayo ( Come On ) (Cipt. Gita Gutawa)
  10. Melangkah Lagi (Cipt. Yovie Widianto, Gita Gutawa, Eross Chandra)
  11. Aku Cinta Dia (Cipt. Adjie Soetama)
  12. Lullaby (Cipt. Erwin Gutawa / Lulu Gutawa / Gita Gutawa)

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